Alternative & Holistic Health

  • Path to Health Clinic
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    The Pain Relief Clinic, Above Dorothy's Hair & Beauty, New Rd., Kilcock

    If you have been on a roller coaster journey with your illness or injury with no relief. If you have been told 'It is all in your head! Snap out of it!' Then it is time to book a kinesiology session and let your body tell you what is wrong. Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive muscle testing therapy that gives you the information that you have been missing to get you back into balance and living the life you deserve!
    The Leinster Clinic - Medical Surgery
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    Kilcock Road, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

    The Leinster Medical Clinic offers an intergrative therapeutic model, by bringing together the best of conventional and alternative therapies, in order to prevent and treat common health problems, and promote optimal wellness.
    We approach illness in a holistic manner, and offer auxiliary services in our wellness management protocols. These may include physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, homeopathy, orthotics, counselling and speech therapy.